''Gast in Deutschland !'' It is probably what you will have in mind if you walk around Soho & Fitzrovia those days, as two restaurants (German/ Austrian inspiration) opened recently Herman Ze German  and Boopshis.

Herman Ze German:
This place is probably my ''emergency'' choice when I have no idea where to get my take away food for lunch. I know I will never be disappointed ! 
In the last month I have been there many times, which gave me the occasion to try most of their dishes. 
The concept of this restaurant is easy and based on a kind of fast food concept. You order at the counter and then a waiter brings the food to your table when it is ready or you can ask for take away.

Meat balls with salad and fries
Ze wurst roll with pommes
Ze Pork Schnitzel, lettuce, tartare sauce and pommes

Herman Ze German
33 Old Compton Street 
London W1D 5JU 
Twitter: @Hermanfeeds

Herman Ze German on UrbanspoonSquare Meal

Boopshi's has recently opened in Fitzrovia on Windmill Street. They serve authentic schnitzels, made from organic british rose veal, rare breed pork or free range chicken. Alongside they have other signature dishes such as ox tongue served with lentils and carrots, weisswurst and smoked eel served with beetroot, bacon and quail's egg.
Boopshi's is the brainchild of brothers Ed & Ben Robson, their first bricks & mortar venture, Boopshi's pays tribute to their Viennese heritage and family history with many of the dishes taken from their Oma's (Grandmother's).
The decoration is minimalist, white wall and modern table. It feels like you are in the middle of an architect office.
The team was pretty nice when I went there despite the attitude of some stupid, impolite clients. 

Schnitzels Chicken with duck egg on top
31 Windmill Street 
London W1T 2JN
Twitter: @boopshis

Boopshis on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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