Yesterday I went to the Cookhouse of Borough Market for a special meal. It was hosted by the Love Food Hate Waste organisation and the meal was cooked by the reigning Great British Bake Off champion Nancy Birtwhistle.
Every year in the UK, around 24 million slices of bread are thrown out every day. Love Food Hate Waste’s campaigns aim to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help up take of action. Their new campaign is Use Your Loaf, and is focused on giving tips on how to use your loaf up or store it differently in order to reduce food waste.

During this event, Nancy Birtwhistle and LFHW shared their tips and recipes to recycle a good old piece of loaf. The first dish was a niçoise salad, it was served with olive tapenade croutons made from stale white bread. I wasn’t very impressed by this recipe as I usually use stale bread to do croutons to go with my salad or soup.
The second recipe was a thrifty moussaka with a breadcrumb topping. The dish was very light and delicious. I really liked this recipe because it tasted so healthy despite the cheesy breadcrumbs. I think I will do this recipe again with quorn mince to get a 100% vegetarian version. The dessert was a summer pudding terrine with berries. This recipe was the most original, the pudding was very moist and had a great bitter sweet taste (see the recipe further down below).
As a French girl, my motto is a bit like the Boursin advert: "Some bread, some wine, some Boursin”. BTW...this motto works for me with any kind of cheese.  I love bread so much, it is a sacrilege to waste it.

My top 5 tips to keep your loaf a bit longer or use it after ‘best before date’:
1- Put your loaf into the fridge from purchase day, it lasts longer.
2- Cook pain perdu for breakfast, sweet snack or dessert. It is such an easy and quick recipe: mix 3 eggs with 25cl of milk, dip your slice of old/stale bread and pan fried with butter. Served with a bit of sugar or jam on top.
3- Invite some friends around, toast your bread/loaf and serve it with some cheese and charcuterie and a nice bottle of red wine.
4- Create breadcrumbs and freeze them to use with your future recipes.
5- Try to plan your meals and buy smaller amounts of bread.
Niçoise salad
 Thrifty moussaka with a breadcrumb topping
 Summer pudding terrine

Nancy's Summer pudding terrine

  • 4 slices sliced white bread crusts removed (Stale bread of course!)
  • 350g fresh summer berries (redcurrant, blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries)
  • 25g caster sugar
  • 25ml Ribena
  • 30ml water
  • zest and juice of 1 orange
  • 1 tbsp fruit jam
  • 20g French Morello flavour glace cherries chopped 9with scissors) not to be confused with standard glace cherries - these have much more flavour
  1. In a medium saucepan place the sugar, ribbon, orange juice, zest and water, then allow to dissolve over a low heat until the sugar has gone. Add morello cherries, the jam and all of the berries - apart from the very soft raspberries and strawberries.
  2. Bring the ingredients to boil and simmer for a couple of minutes until soft. Remove the mixture from the heat and add the strawberries and raspberries - stir and leave to breath.
  3. Follow the above by lining the loaf tin with a large piece of cling film, with it over lapping the edges. Use a rolling pin to flatten your four slices of bread and line the tin with them ensuring there are no gaps.
  4. Add the fruit mixture into the tin but set aside a small amount for serving - cover with bread and fold over the sides. Place the second tin over the top and weigh down with weights from your kitchen scales.
  5. Place in the fridge and leave for 12 hours or overnight
  6. When ready to serve = remove the weights etc and upturn on an oblong plate, pour juice over any white bits and serve garnished with fresh berries with creme fraiche ou double.



One of my favourite areas to go out in Toulouse is around Place des Carmes, there are plenty of bars and nice restaurants. I went to L'Annexe de la Braisière, for an 'apéritif dinatoire' as we like to call it in France.
L'Annexe is a tapas restaurant on Rue Pharaon which is the sister restaurant of La Braisière, an institution in Toulouse if you like South Western cuisine with a convivial spirit.

My friends and I ordered a few tapas : razor clams, serrano mix, patatas braisas, salmon and mango tartare, scallops and avocado tartare, pan fried scallops and duck heart skewers. 
We started the apéritif dinatoire with some razor clams. I am always scared to order them, as sometimes they have a very strong iodised taste and they are not properly washed, so they have bits of sand. These were perfectly washed, seasoned and cooked. 
The second dish was the serrano mix, nothing can really go wrong with a mix of charcuterie...especially if you have a nice bottle of red wine served with it. 
The apéritif continued with salmon and mango tartare which was light and quite unusual. I really like this combination and will definitely try to do the same at home when I'm back in London.
The scallop, avocado  and lime tartare was ok, it tasted a bit like a ceviche but it was a bit bland. It needed more seasoning or maybe a little kick of spice somehow.  
Three and a half bottles later we had some scallops and duck hearts cooked on a plancha. This time the scallop dish was good, perfectly pan fried and seasoned with parsley. 
I am a huge fan of duck meat: foie gras, breast, confit, scratchings... but I never ate duck hearts before  that night. The hearts had a very strong taste, it was not my cup of tea but the dish was well executed. To compliment our last plates we ordered some patatas braisas, it was good but they could have been a bit more generous with the sauce.

Overall I had a very good night at L'Annexe, it was a great way to start my night in Toulouse with my friends, some wine and excellent tapas. The experience could have been better if we were seated outside as it was a bit very noisy inside and slightly hot - reminder for next time : request an outside table when I book. 

 Razor clams // Assiette de couteaux
 Serrano mix: Serrano, magret and chorizo
 Salmon and Mango tartare // Tartare de saumon & mangue "avion" fraiche
 Scallops, avocado and lime // Tartare de St Jacques & Avocats et citron vert
 Pan-fried scallops // Noix de Saint Jacques fraiches persillées
Duck heart skewers // Brochettes de coeur de canard français
Patatas braisas

L'Annexe de la Braisière
42 Rue Pharaon 
31000 Toulouse 



In terms of a skincare routine, I'm an easy going girl who doesn't like to spend hours in the bathroom. Most of the time I use Avene Cleanance cleansing gel and a good moisturiser. Sometimes I treat myself with a Cupcake wash-off masks from Lush.

Following my old flatmate's advice, I have decided to try fiber face mask. During my last trip to France in Biarritz, I went to one of my favourite beauty shops: Sephora and discovered they had a line of fiber mask. (BTW I still don't understand why Sephora doesn't have any shops in the UK!)
They have eight varieties of fiber mask:
- Ginseng: toning & revitalising
- Green tea: mattifying & anti-blemish
- Honey: nourishing & balancing
- Pearl: perfecting & brightening
- Pomegranate: anti-fatigue & energising
- Rose: moisturizing & brightening
- Lotus: moisturizing and soothing
- Lingzhi: anti-aging and smoothing
I picked up three of them (Ginseng, Green Tea and Honey). The fiber masks are soaked in serum with different active ingredients. I was very surprised they are extremely wet, so I recommend you place a little towel on your chest when applying the mask. The masks were very easy to unfold, but I found them a bit too big for my face, so it wasn't very easy to adjust.

All the masks felt very nice and refreshing, and my face did feel softer afterwards, but I didn't think they smelt that different. The honey mask was probably the best in terms of mentioned results as I didn't notice my skin was more purified and ratified with the Green Tea mask, or toned and replumped with the Ginseng mask. 
Overall I think the fiber mask is more of a funny thing to do while relaxing on your sofa or in your bath but it doesn't work as well as a wash-off mask.
All the fiber masks are available on Sephora's website at 3.95€ each.


En terme de soin du visage, je suis une fille facile a vivre qui n'aime pas passer des heures dans la salle de bain. La plupart du temps j'utilise le gel nettoyant Cleanance d'Avène puis une bonne creme hydratante. Parfois je m'accorde un petit plaisir et je me chouchoute en appliquant le masque frais Cupcake de chez Lush. 
Après les conseils avisées de mon ancienne colocataire, j'ai décidé de partir à la recherche de masque tissus (mon ancienne colocataire les achète lors de ses séjours en Chine). Lors de mon récent séjour à Biarritz, je suis allée à Sephora et j'ai découvert qu'ils avaient une gamme de masque tissus. Ils ont huit variétés de masque tissus:
- Ginseng : Tonifiant revitalisant
- Thé vert : Matifiant anti-imperfections
- Miel : Nourrissant apaisant
- Perle : Uniformisant éclat
- Grenade : Défatiguant énergisant
- Rose : Ultra-hydratant éclat
- Lotus : Hydratant relaxant
- Lingzhi : anti-âge lissant 

J'ai pris trois d'entre eux (le Ginseng, le Thé Vert et le Miel). Les masques tissus sont imbibés de sérum avec des principes actifs différents. J'ai été très étonné car les masques sont extrêmement humides, je vous recommande de placer une petite serviette autour de votre cou pour appliquer le masque. Les masques étaient très faciles à déplier, mais je les ai trouvés un peu trop grand pour mon visage, donc ils n'étaient pas très facile à appliquer.
Tous les masques étaient très agréables et rafraichissants, mon visage était beaucoup plus doux ensuite, mais je n'ai pas trouvé qu'ils avaient différentes senteurs. Le masque de miel était probablement le mieux en termes de résultats,je n'ai pas remarqué que ma peau a été plus purifiée et matifiée avec le masque de Thé Vert, ou tonifiée et repulpé avec le masque Ginseng. 
Au final, je pense que le masque tissu est plus une chose amusante à faire pour se détendre sur son canapé ou dans son bain, mais cela ne marche pas aussi bien qu'un masque ordinaire si l'on attend des résultats sur le court et moyen terme.
Tous les masques tissus sont disponibles sur le site Sephora et en boutique, ils sont à 3.95€ l'unité.




During my holidays in Andalusia, my boyfriend took me to the recently reopened attraction : El Caminito del Rey about an hour north-west of Malaga. This attraction was closed for almost 14 years as it was the world's most dangerous walkway.
Originally built in 1905, El Caminito del Rey has been renovated with a new wooden pathway and equipped with safety lined and steel bolts, which surely makes it more secure that it was not a long time ago (See the video before renovation). The path is 4.78 miles long.
I really liked the walk, even if I have to admit I was a bit scared while crossing the bridge as it was very high and windy.
If you are around Marbella this summer, you should definitely leave your deck chairs and cocktails to experience the walk of El Caminito...you won't regret it!
From April 2015 to September 2015 the entry is free (unfortunately it is also SOLD OUT online - but the trick is to ask some local restaurants as they might have some tickets available).
Pendant mes vacances en Andalousie, mon petit ami m'a fait découvrir: El Caminito del Rey qui a récemment réouvert au Nord-Ouest de Malaga (1 heure en voiture). Cette attraction a été fermée pendant presque 14 ans car c'était la passerelle la plus dangereuse du monde.
Construit en 1905, El Caminito del Rey a été rénové avec une nouvelle passerelle en bois, équipé avec des boulons et des fils d'acier, c'est beaucoup plus sécurisé qu''autrefois (Voici la vidéo avant la rénovation). La promenade s'étend sur 7.7km.
J'ai vraiment aimé la promenade, même si je dois admettre que j'ai été un peu effrayé en traversant le pont car il y avait beaucoup de vent et au dessus du vide.
D'avril 2015 à septembre 2015 l'entrée est gratuite (malheureusement il y a plus de ticket disponible en ligne - mais l'astuce est de se renseigner auprès des restaurants aux alentours qui ont parfois des billets).