When I moved two years ago around Smithfield market I didn't know I chose the best area for a Southwestern French girl to live. The surrounding area of Smithfield market is like being in my hometown Toulouse with Club gascon, Cellar Gascon and Comptoir Gascon around. 
Lucky me I have my three local pubs to remind me I am living in UK. 

Sometimes a nice restaurant is the simplest one. Compare to its sister restaurant Club Gascon, Comptoir Gascon offers simpler and traditional dishes from the Southwest of France.
Last time I went for dinner I shared a platter of piggy treats with my friend, I just find a bit weird they didn't include any bread with this dish. If you want some bread you have to pay an extra £2. 
Everything was very good, it was great product. However I didn't like their terrine.
I am always wondering why they don't do a duck treats platter with for example crispy duck skin scratchings, duck mousse, rillettes, magret séché and foie gras...That would be for sure my dream board! 
Piggy treats 

As a main we both had the duck burger deluxe, this burger is just devine. It doesn't really need the salad, but I guess it is to make it look more healthy.
Foie gras was perfectly cooked, it melt into your mouth.
I have been to Comptoir Gascon many times now...I always think I will be original and order a dish from their special board...but the call of foie gras is more powerful than a classic dish with Toulouse sausage. 
Duck burger deluxe

Everything is tasty from a duck, especially its fat to cook fries. Those fries are just amazing. Each bite is probably a lot of calories, but who cares it is so good! 
French fries cooked in duck fat & crazy salt

Without doubt, Comptoir Gascon is a great address to discover Southwestern French cuisine. For those who haven't try Comptoir Gascon, apparently they are doing 20% Off food during August 2014. 


Comptoir Gascon 
63 Charterhouse Street
London EC1M 6HJ

Twitter: @ComptoirGascon

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Recently I spent a lot of time on the other side of the Thames, the one that some of my friends consider like the dark side (South). I don't care what people think really, I fell in love with this area and their little market. My favourite market is probably Oval Farmer's market to get great products. It is a pleasure to shop there as it is far less busy than Borough Market. Every Saturday there is the same stands selling meats, vegetables, breads, olives. Every time I try to resist spending a lot of money at Wild Country Organics, they have such great range of products, especially their tomatoes.
When I don't order a chicken Bokit from the three Guadalupean men (who wear jelly shoes), I usually goes to Brixton Market & Village. 
Brixton Market & Village is like a little paradise for a foodie, there is fresh fish and meat stand everywhere but also little restaurants. Some of the restaurants are not the best looking but at the end it is very nice comfort food and it is quite cheap. Perfect for a relaxing weekend or even to cure your hangover if you manage to get there. 

My first ever lunch in Brixton was at Senzala, I was very happy to discover there was a little creperie. I think there is not enough creperie in London, or at least savoury crepe option for Sunday brunch. I guess if I want more creperie I should have not moved across the Channel in the first place. 
However, my friend and I both ordered a savoury crepe and a cappuccino. My friend had a Godfather crepe: cheese, Italian pepperoni sausage and jalapeño peppers while I had my first Morning glory :) 
I requested an extra topping for mine: cream. 
Usually in France I have ham, cheese, egg and cream inside my crepe, unfortunately at Senzala the cream was served on the side and the egg on top - it was a nice presentation but not my ideal crepe. 
When the waiter left I rearranged all ingredients inside my crepe. 
I am not usually a big coffee drinker, but this cappuccino had the perfect balance between coffee and milk. Easy to drink. 
Senzala is a very good address for nice savoury crepe and it was totally affordable, lunch for two was £18.

Morning glory : cheese, fresh tomatoes, crispy bacon and fried egg

Brixton Village Market
41-42 Coldharbour Lane
London SW9 8PS
Twitter: @SenzalaBrixton
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One of the best things about London foodie scene is that you can find international restaurants. I never had Columbian food before I went to Brixton. 
One weekend I went with three friends (2 vegetarian) to Restaurante Santafereño. This restaurant isn't the most attractive restaurant,I haven't been properly inside as we ate on the outside table. Sometimes you should not judge a book by its cover and it is totally what happened with Santafereño. My friend chose this place as we walked around Brixton. I have to say when I saw the menu and the place I was a bit perplex on the food we would get there.
Two of my friends ordered the plato vegetariano, for £7 it was a real bargain, there was so much to eat on their plate. I was a bit jealous, but then my friend and I meat dishes arrived. I ordered Pollo en salsa de champiñones chicken for me, and again the portion was impressive. 
Fries were not the best I had but I didn't really eat those as rice, plantain and chicken was enough for me. I really enjoyed my dish, I don't know which spice they used inside the creamy sauce but it had a touch of Colombia to my dish which went very well with the chicken and plantain. 
I think Restaurante Santafereño is a traditional Columbian restaurant, waiters were Columbian and the concept wasn't really about nice presentation on your plate but more about a big portion of tasty food for an affordable price. I would recommend to ask for the dish I had without chips as I don't think it brought something to the dish. 
As a drink we all had a Columbiana la nuestra which is the local cola in Columbia.
A lunch for £11 per person.

Chuleta de cerdo: breaded pork scallop with rice, plantain and chips
Plato vegetariano: beans, rice, ratatouille, mixed vegetables salad, chips, plantain and onion tart
Pollo en salsa de champiñones : grilled fillet of chicken in mushroom creamy sauce with rice, plantain and patacones (smashed fried plantain) and chips.
Restaurante Santafereño
Brixton Village Market
60-62 Granville Arcade
London SW9 8PR
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Chicken liquor (formally Wishbone) is the new chicken branch of the owner of Meat Liquor, Meat Market and Meat Mission opened in Brixton. 
I went there for lunch with a friend. 
We ordered quite a lot of food considering the fact we had breakfast two hours before. 
We had the hot mess, korean wings, cheese fries and the dirty chicken burger.
Everything arrived at the same time on a big tray. 

I really like the hot mess at the beginning, hash brown were crispy, after a while, the dish was less good as with the cheese they becomes all soggy, so we didn't finish this dish. Maybe it will be better to serve the cheese on a side as a dip.
Hot Mess: hash brown, cheese and jalapeños 

Wings were very good,  A little bit crispy on the outside, the daikon and fermented chill add a touch of spiciness to the dish. Wings were served with chopped spring onions. 
Korean wings: double fried, daikon and fermented chili

Fries were very good, I like thin fries and this cheese on top. We didn't leave any of the fries. 
Cheese fries

There is something reassuring about Chicken Liquor, they know how to cook their chicken. 
The chicken batter in the burger was well seasoned and very crunchy. Inside it was nice and moist. The only thing I didn't really like in this burger was the bun.
Dirty chicken: fried chicken, lettuce, mayo, red onions 

Overall I think this lunch was good. All the chicken was cooked perfectly. Next time I think I might try the Tower block burger.

Brixton Market
Unit 12 Market Row
London SW9 8PR
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Bukowski is situated right next to Chicken Liquor in Brixton Market and specialises in beef burgers.
I had the fat gringo, probably one of the best cures I've ever had for an hangover. Bun was very good and moist (wished I could have the same bun at Chicken Liquor), candied bacon were delicious and crispy. Red onions had a little touch of sweetness to the burger and jalapeños mustard a light touch of spice. 
I always say Patty & Bun make the best burger (Smokey Robinson), but the Fat Gringo is quite enjoyable too. 
However fries were too chunky and I was not a big fan.

The Fat Gringo: beef part, Monterey Jack cheese, candied bacon, jalapeño mustard, red onions, tomatoes and smoked pickles gherkin.
Brixton Market
Unit 10 Market Row
London SW9 8JX
Twitter: @BukowskiGrill
Bukowski Grill on Urbanspoon
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