When I moved two years ago around Smithfield market I didn't know I chose the best area for a Southwestern French girl to live. The surrounding area of Smithfield market is like being in my hometown Toulouse with Club gascon, Cellar Gascon and Comptoir Gascon around. 
Lucky me I have my three local pubs to remind me I am living in UK. 

Sometimes a nice restaurant is the simplest one. Compare to its sister restaurant Club Gascon, Comptoir Gascon offers simpler and traditional dishes from the Southwest of France.
Last time I went for dinner I shared a platter of piggy treats with my friend, I just find a bit weird they didn't include any bread with this dish. If you want some bread you have to pay an extra £2. 
Everything was very good, it was great product. However I didn't like their terrine.
I am always wondering why they don't do a duck treats platter with for example crispy duck skin scratchings, duck mousse, rillettes, magret séché and foie gras...That would be for sure my dream board! 
Piggy treats 

As a main we both had the duck burger deluxe, this burger is just devine. It doesn't really need the salad, but I guess it is to make it look more healthy.
Foie gras was perfectly cooked, it melt into your mouth.
I have been to Comptoir Gascon many times now...I always think I will be original and order a dish from their special board...but the call of foie gras is more powerful than a classic dish with Toulouse sausage. 
Duck burger deluxe

Everything is tasty from a duck, especially its fat to cook fries. Those fries are just amazing. Each bite is probably a lot of calories, but who cares it is so good! 
French fries cooked in duck fat & crazy salt

Without doubt, Comptoir Gascon is a great address to discover Southwestern French cuisine. For those who haven't try Comptoir Gascon, apparently they are doing 20% Off food during August 2014. 


Comptoir Gascon 
63 Charterhouse Street
London EC1M 6HJ

Twitter: @ComptoirGascon

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