Who am I ?
Name: Jeanne-Marie
Origin: I was born in the South of France in the beautiful pink city: Toulouse. I'm living in London since 2011 and I'm currently based in Crofton Park.

About my blog:
I started Frenchylovefood.com in October 2012, giving my expertise about restaurants I have been to in Europe (mostly in the United Kingdom, but also in France, Spain and Netherlands). Three years later I decided to extend my blog to share another passion I have Fashion and Beauty, and so JeannemarieB’s website was born.
I have always had a big interest in fashion, when I was younger I used to create t-shirts and accessories for myself and my friends.

Camera / Pictures: 
All photos featured on my blog are my own, unless stated, and are copyright to Jeannemarieb.com

For more information, questions, suggestions, collaborations or product submissions, please do not hesitate to send me an email to: jeannemariebessieres@hotmail.fr and I will get back to you within 48hours.

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