Last night I went out for dinner in Toulouse with my sister, my godmother and her sister at the new trendy restaurant Nino.
Opened last week by the Michelin star chef Pierre Lambinon and his young new team rue Peyrolières, Nino offers a short menu with affordable prices.

The young Chef Antoine Sallier (24 years old) at Nino offers an A la Carte menu with some snacks to share I (or to keep for yourself), three starters II, three mains III and three desserts VI.
All the dishes are homemade, apart from the bread which is made with three different flours by a Toulousaine bakery.
The maître d', Tristan Frommherz looked after us throughout the meal with a smile and a pinch of humour. We were very well looked after.We started our meal with some snacks and starters, he informed us that snacks and starters usually are served all together., he informed us that snacks and starters usually are served all together.
When the food arrived, we were all very impressed by the amount of food on the plate, all starters and snacks were very good in term of quality/ price. While my sister enjoyed the gravlax of salmon served with tzatziki sauce, my godmother enjoyed the generous slice of mi-cuit with figue chutney, and her sister the Number 3 oysters from Normandie. I had the oeufs ''ninosa'' and some oysters that we shared between us.

As all the portions were very generous, it gave us all a chance to try everyone's dishes. The fois gras was divine, perfectly seasoned in salt and pepper. The gravlax was perfectly executed and was very refreshing in mouth.

The eggs were succulent. Eggs mimosa are one of my favourite dishes, and this 'ninosa' recipe had a small twist on the classic recipe, which was very enjoyable. It had a little kick of mustard in the mayonnaise and a touch of crunchiness with breadcrumbs on top.
Oeufs 'ninosa'
Gravlax, tzatziki
For main we all opted for the lamb. Last night this dish was quite popular as most of the guests around us ordered it too. The lamb was perfectly cooked, pink and juicy. It was served with a mouth-watering Darphin potatoes.Dauphin potatoes is a French version of grated and fried potatoes. This dish is called after a French chef Darphin who first prepared it in France. The darphin was very good and went very well with the lamb, it was golden and crunchy on the outside, and soft and warm on the inside.

For dessert, the Maitre d' Tristan recommended us the Eclair XL that came in two flavours on that night, coffee and chocolate. As we were all quite a bit full after our snacks, starters and mains we opted for two eclairs XL, one of each to share between the four of us.

When the dessert arrived, we kind of agreed the XL mentioned on the menu should be XXL! Both eclairs were huge, one could easily feed 4 people.

I have enclosed below a picture with my thumb for the scale!

Overall we had an excellent evening at Nino. It was very good quality/ price, the team and service was made in a very friendly way and was not too intrusive. A very professional team.
I am sure Nino will become a very popular brasserie in Toulouse, especially if they keep the portions of food as generous and as good as as they were yesterday. I can't wait to come back and try their Sunday brunch menu.
It's definitely a very nice new addition to the Toulouse food scene.

28, rue Peyrolières
31000 Toulouse
Opened Wednesday to Saturday 12h -14h ; 19h-22h and Sunday from 11-15h


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