A new pizzeria opened in January near Spitafields market on Sandy's Lane. 
This restaurant is a massive space with high and lower tables and an open kitchen with the oven. The atmosphere is a bit cold, maybe because the space has high ceiling and it wasn't the busiest time when we went there.
I came to Pizza Union for a late lunch on a sunday with a friend. 
The concept is easy, you order at the counter, they give you a buzzer (same concept as Shake Shack), you find a seat and then you go at the counter again when your pizza is ready. 
I had some doubt about the quality of the pizza when I saw the menu, it says their pizza are all 12 inch and price range is between £3.95 to 6.50. You can see their menu HERE.
When I grab our pizza I was very surprised. I wasn't expecting a pizza like that for this range of price.

I ate a lot of pizza this year and for the first time I think it was a very good value for the quality & quantity of toppings on it. Some other places, you pay more than £8 your pizza and you only have 5 slices of sausages or ham on it. 
We had two different pizza, the Manzo and the Pepperoni. Both were delicious, they were perfectly cooked, thin bases with crushy crusts.
Manzo : Tomato sauce, mozzarella, beef , garlic, green chilies, rocket 
Pepperoni: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, double pepperoni 
As a dessert I had a Dolce, it was probably the best part of the meal, this dish is a dough ring filled with Nutella and mascarpone. It was so good, I licked my finger at the end to be sure I haven't forgot any nutella or mascarpone on it. 
Dolce : nutella & mascarpone

Pizza Union is a great place to enjoy tasty and cheap pizza. I look forward to go again and try the Carne. I just think they should improve the decoration so it looks a bit more cosy when the place is less full outside the rush hours. And they should supply some sauce to dip the crusts. 

Pizza Union
Sandy's Lane
London E1 7HW
Twitter: @PizzaUnion
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