Last week as a birthday gift, I visited Barrafina on Frith Street for the first time. Restaurant doesn't take reservations, to be sure we could get a table, we went there a little bit before opening times.
I walked past the restaurant many times but I always thought there was an extra room somewhere! Now I understand why you should get there early to get a seat,  restaurant is around 20 seats around the massive L-shaped bar.
 Ham croquetas
Probably one of my favourite spanish dish is croquetas, Barrafina's croquetas were perfect, I could have eaten both of them, but my friend is really into we share everything !  
 Classic Tortilla
I heard a lot about their tortilla, so it was without a doubt I ordered it. I was not disappointed, this tortilla was just fantastic, one of the best I had in my life. I spent my lunch wondering how they manage to get this juiciness inside the tortilla. I though about onion gravy mixed with a little bit of PX.
 Langoustines, saffron ali-oli and cress salad
We had langoustines served with a saffrom ali-oli and cress salad. I love langoustines but I am always disappointed there is not much thing to eat inside. Any way there were perfectly cooked, and the combinaison with saffron ali-oli was very good.
I requested to keep the plate to had the sauce with some of my chips, as I am not a big fan of brava sauce.
 Baby gem salad with anchovies and smoked pancetta
Baby gem were fine, nothing exceptionnal but very refreshing.
Iberian pork ribs, vegetables, orange blossom honey and PX
As a 'main' we had Iberian pork ribs, it was served with vegetables and a fantastic orange blossom honey and PX sauce.
Ribs were cripsy but at the same time very tender, I really liked this dish.
 Chips with brava sauce
I didn't really like the chips with brava sauce for two reasons,  first because I misread the menu and thought I will get patatas bravas, which is not the same thing. Second reason I didn't like this dish is because fries were a bit dry and the sauce had no flavour. I found a solution and replace the sauce by the saffron ali-oli. 
Crema catalana
Well executed crema catalana, the spoon test was successful. It was not the best crema catalana I had in my life but it wasn't the worse.
A part from the chips which I didn't like, most of dishes were fautless. I liked the atmosphere, our Spanish waitress made the whole experience more authentic. I really enjoyed the fact you could see most of the dishes being prepared under your eyes. Chefs were very precise and attentive to small details regarding the dish presentation, tasting sauce etc.

On the same day, my sister offered me the book Barrafina as a birthday present so the experience will continue now in my kitchen.

54 Frith Street
London W1D 4SL
Twitter: @Barrafina1

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