Antidote Wine & Bar opened earlier this year but I never found time to go there. Finally last week, one day before the new Michelin guide was published I went for lunch with a friend. We heard some rumours that they were probably going to be awarded of a Michelin star...(they didn't in the end).

Hidden in one of the backstreets near Carnaby street, Antidote is divided into two different concepts. Downstairs it is 'nibbles' menu as they called it - small plates and wine, while upstairs they served A La Carte, a set Lunch Menu and a Tasting menu. We went for the 3 courses £23 lunch menu upstairs.
The decoration of the room was very simple and modern - light bulbs, no tablecloths on table, few plants and some frames on the wall. I usually like simplicity but it looked a bit cold. The fact that there were not many customers upstairs probably didn't help to make this place more friendly and warm.

To start we had a cucumber based amuse bouche. It was not  bad but I don't really like to start my meal with an ice cream. While we placed our order, they brought some bread and butter to the table. Their breads are apparently very good, I was a bit disappointed as it tasted like regular bread to me. I had better bread in France or in some other restaurants. 
 Amuse Bouche :buttermilk with pickled cucumber and cucumber sorbet

My friend ordered the Cévennes Onion served with pear, it was refreshing. The combination of pear and Cévennes onion was interesting, apparently it is the signature dish of the chef Mikael Jonsson which I didn't know.
 Cévennes Onion, Pear & Isle of Mull

I went for the slow cooked egg served with curly kale and trompette mushroom. My dish was good. The kale add a slightly salted touch and crunch to the whole dish which was nice. 
 Slow Cooked Egg, Curly Kale & Trompette Mushroom

As a main my friend ordered the pan fried mackerel, which was according to him nice but he didn't "jump for joy" about it.
Pan Fried Mackerel, Roasted Celeriac, Walnut & Baby Artichoke

I had the Cumbrian lamb fillet served with salsify, beetroot and red spinach. The lamb was perfectly cooked - pink. I never had lamb before with beetroot, it was not unpleasant. My favourite part of the dish was the beetroot mousse. I prefer beetroot cold rather than hot. 
 Cumbrian Lamb Fillet, Salsify, Beetroot & Red Spinach

We decided to share both desserts at the end of the meal.
We both agreed that the Livarot cheese was nice but it would have been better if it was served less cold  at room temperature.
Livarot Cheese

Regarding the dessert, our opinion on the peanut sponge cake were different.. My friend didn't like it, he said it thought the dessert tasted like Snickers. I enjoyed the dessert but I think it didn't need Damson plum, the flavour didn't taste great with the peanut sponge and the hay ice cream. I had it all but I left the slice of plum on the side.
Peanut sponge, 70% chocolate, Damson & Toasted Hay Ice Cream

Overall the lunch was nice but nothing amazing. Their bread is just simple, ours tasted a bit like a 2 days old bread. After the meal, I felt like the whole meal was a bit too light! The atmosphere was totally trendy but it felt so cold - not my cup of tea. 
Maybe one day I will come back to Antidote to try their nibbles menu downstairs during a more busy service to see if the atmosphere gets better.


Antidote Wine & Bar
12A Newburgh Street
London W1F 7RR
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