Monday is always a boring day! This week it was a little bit more fun than usual as I received an invitation from Zomato to join their #ZomatoMeetup dinner at Señor Ceviche.
It was the first time I attended one of their events. It was a great night and I got the chance to meet other foodie bloggers.

The first time I tried Peruvian food it was at Chotto Matte and I really liked it. I also tried Lima Floral but I thought it was bad value. Knowing this, it's obvious that I was very excited to discover Señor Ceviche's dishes.
The evening started with a lemongrass pisco sour and some nibbles. The pisco sour and chifa 
chicharonnes (slow cooked, crispy pork belly with sweet soy) were just ok in my opinion, I really liked the picayune aubergines dishes. It was a few mini sweet potato and aubergine doughnuts with a rich, mildly spiced paste called achiote. The sauce on its own had a very unusual taste, but it really gave an extra smokiness/ spiced flavour to the dish.

Our dinner continued with their signature dish and a salmon tiradito. Their señor ceviche was made with the freshest sea bream and octopus and aji amarillo tiger’s milk. The pieces of fish were laid down on a smooth sweet potato purée. The whole dish was topped with crunchy baby squid tempura. It was a very well executed dish and very refreshing in the mouth.
Regarding their salmon tiradito I wasn't impressed, it just tasted like a basic salmon sashimi. As a cocktail pairing we had an Inca trail cocktail with the two dishes.

Peruvian food is not just about healthy ceviche but it's also about naughty barbecue meats. We had anticucho de res and super pollo. I'm not a big fan of animal heart in general, so unfortunately I didn't fancy my anticucho of beef heart. However, I fell in love with their super pollo, the chargrilled chicken was super tasty, tender and moist. It was a delight. I wished I had more than one piece of this delicious juicy poultry.
To complement our meat we had some chargrilled green vegetables and quinoa. Both sides were good. I had a preference for the quinoa salter.
For dessert, we had a tarta de queso, it tasted ok but I'm not a huge fan of dessert. I only had a little bite to try and gave the rest to the other bloggers who enjoyed it more.

Overall Señor Ceviche was a vibrant place with really nice staff. Even if we were very privileged and looked after by the staff during this event, I had a look around during the service and they paid as much attention to other clients as us which is a good thing.
I'd definitely recommend Señor ceviche. I'm planning to go back with my boyfriend and have more super pollo and picayune aubergines.
If you are around Carnaby street between 12am and 5pm, they have a special lunch deal which includes a ceviche or anticucho with one side, plus a soft drink for £10. And for those who plan to party in central London, you can start with a Pisco Sour Happy Hour from 5 to 7pm (all cocktails are £5).

I was invited to review Señor Ceviche by Zomato.
Lemongrass pisco sour
Picayune aubergines
Chifa chicharonnes
Inca Trail
Señor ceviche
Mr Miyagi: Salmon tiradito with Nikkei tiger’s milk, pomegranate, purple shiso &
salmon scratchings
Pisco Punch
Anticucho de res: Grilled beef heart skewers with sweet potato mayonnaise, aji panca, bojita olives & mint
Nikkei greens: Charred broccoli, lettuce and courgette with miso, aji amarillo and pickled garlic sauce
Super pollo: Chargrilled chicken with rocotto and piquillo pepper salsa
Quinoa soltero: Black and white quinoa, baby gem, roasted beetroot, avocado, asparagus, edamame beans, choclo corn & queso
Lima expresso Martini
Tarta de queso: Passion fruit and white chocolate cheesecake with chicha morada syrup
Señor Ceviche 
Kingly Court, Kingly St
London W1B 5PW
Señor Ceviche Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Square Meal

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