I was looking forward the opening of The Ape and Bird Public House, the new restaurant of Russell Norman, as I like Polpo restaurants, I thought I will like his new place. 
Unfortunately I was very disappointed by this new place, to me the place doesn't look like a proper real pub, you can't really stand near the bar in the main area as the counter is laid out for dining. The main door with the red curtain reminds me straight the style of most of Parisian bistrot-brasserie, some tables are very tiny, I am wondering how you can get your plate on it if you have lunch for two ! Our table was normal but still a bit too small to be comfortable.
Service was a bit slow.

We had some bread served while my friend and I were waiting. For sure it was the worst bread I ate since I moved to England ! Powdery and stale, it was the kind of bread you probably buy in a supermarket (regarding its quality) and taste like it has been drying for one day.
Bread & Butter

Probably the only dish I really enjoyed there, it was the pig trotter scotch egg, I was a bit disappointed they haven't been generous on the celeriac fries on my plate, yolk was perfect, a bit runny like it should be.
 Pig trotter scotch egg, celeriac fries

My friend had the salad, which was apparently fine but not exceptional.
 Chicory, apple & spiced walnut salad, blue cheese dressing 

For the price of sides I was expecting more of it. Truffled cheesy fries were not good, fries were dry and the truffled cheese on top has a very weird texture, not melted at all, and very dry too...
 Truffled cheesy fries

Fried sprouts were good but didn't really need the bacon, it just create too much confusion.
Brussel sprouts are an interestingly deep and flavorsome vegetable on their own and really didn't need the extra dimension of fatty meat.
 Fried sprouts, Old Ford & bacon

The burger arrived after a long wait, it was cold. The patty fell apart and the old thing just sort of crumbled in my hands. I though they put too much sauce in it, but well probably when the burger is hot it tastes different and better ! 

I didn't get any chance with the pie either, the pie didn't really have solid pieces of chicken in as it was like pulled or minced chicken. The whole pie was dry too. 
 Chicken, leek & mushroom pie

The whole experience isn't what I was expecting, it is a very pricy 'pub', I won't probably go back there as it is a very bad value for quality/price. Food didn't have so much taste, everything was dry or cold.
When I think of a pub I think of very quick service, great comfort food and cheap or reasonable price. Ape and Bird was the opposite for me.
Russell Norman didn't charm me with this new place, I will continue to go to Polpo.

The Ape & Bird Public House
142 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8HJ
Twitter: @Apeandbird
The Ape & Bird Pub on UrbanspoonSquare Meal


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