Our last day in Barcelona was great, we joined the protest on Plaza Catalnuya : Espana por todos, it was a lot of fun and there was music.
For our last treat in Spain, we decided to go back again in Carrer de parlamente. The first place we went to was Passatje Tainos, it was a nice restaurant & boutique, we had only one drink there as we realised quickly it was a vegetarian restaurant. We don't have anything against vegetarian but we wanted to enjoy a last piece of meat, ham or fish.
The second restaurant Bar Caldes was again fully packed like the night before, we will try this one during a next trip to Barcelona.
We went to the last restaurant we noticed when we went to Lolita Taperia: La Xalada.
We enjoyed our last hours in Barcelona in the sun, having 'cerveza' and tapas... (maybe a little bit too much of cerveza).
Our first dish was aubergine chips with goat cheese, it was original and good. I never though about having chips of aubergine! On top they had my favourite cheese: goat's cheese and honey. Tasty and savoury chips.
Xips de berenjena con queso de cabra y miel  - Aubergine chips with goat cheese and honey

Second dish was dip fried calamari, I wasn't expected to have a full calamari. It was very nice, battered around was perfectly cooked and not soggy at all. My favourite one was the one made with ink. 
Andaluza, calamares a la romana - Traditional calamari
 Croquetas de carn de olla - croqueta fritters

Of course to finish this wonderful weekend, I had my last croquettas, this one was different than all the one I had before. This time there was no cream taste, only meat. The meat was nice and warm, it had the same texture as rillette.  
 Estrellados de Gallina Feliz, huevos sobre nido de patatas, jamon y salsa de trufa - Happy hen's eggs, over a nest of potatoes ith ham and truffle sauce.

We had the massive plate of patatas bravas, eggs and Iberia  ham again, this restaurant had a wonderful twist to this classic dish: truffle sauce. No foie gras this time, but the truffle sauce made the difference. 
Gambas a la sal - Plain Shrimps
To end our last lunch, we had shrimps, there had been I think marinated before cooking, there were served with lemon and salt only. There were tasty, a little bit juicy too. 

Overall I think Carrer de Parlamente and Poble sec area is a food gold mine in Barcelona. Most of the restaurant look nice, busy and they served good and affordable food. 
You are surrounding by the real population of Barcelona : Catalans, no tourists around so it felt more authentic than being in Barrio Gotico, El Raval or Barceloneta. 
La Xalada is one of those nice restaurants I will definitely come back with pleasure if I have the chance to go again soon in Barcelona. 
Service was good, waitresses paid attention to us and food was great. I just hope next time the weather will be as nice as the one we had. 

La Xalada
Carrer del parlament, 1
08013 Barcelona


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