Recently I went to the new chain restaurant in the City of London Suchef. They have currently two restaurants open : St Paul's & Farringdon and two more are opening soon.
The concept of this new chain is to cook the food using sous vide technology 'to seal in the flavour without damaging the nutritional element of the food'.
When I went to St Paul's restaurant, I ordered a take away with my sister.
We ordered a SuperSu (£8.95 - main + side + veg + sauce) and a Suchef formula (£6.95 -main + side + sauce).

Service was very fast and efficient. Food was served in a small pot.. I think it would have been better if they served all the option you choose in a nice take away plate and did a better presentation of the food.

As soon as we arrived, we ate straight away to make sure our dishes didn't get cold. 
Plaice and salmon roulade was nice like the skinless chicken breast but nothing very exceptional. 
Salmon has little bones, it would have been nice to use boneless salmon before cooking it.

Pasta were a bit dry and they sticked to each other, I am happy we took a sauce with it or it would have been very hard to eat them as they were. Rice and ratatouille were good but again nothing 'sous vide' exceptionnel... I even wondered if those are cooked sous vide?
Plaice and salmon roulade and fresh egg pasta with mushroom and tarragon sauce
 Skinless chicken breast with ratatouille, brown rice and mushroom & tarragon sauce
I didn't really taste the difference really between the dishes cooked sous vide and dishes I would have cooked myself in my house or eat in another restaurant...
I don't think I would go back there, first because I am not very often in this area for lunch time (their opening hours) and because it is expensive I think for what it is. 
Suchef St Paul's
5 Dean’s Court
London EC4V 5AA
Square Meal

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