Christmas celebrations started this year at the Groucho club for a drink and dinner at the iconic Soho restaurant Bob Bob Ricard. 
My friend and I arrived there and we were redirected to the bar downstairs as our booth table  in the Club Room wasn't ready yet. We started the night with a cocktail, I had a Strawberry and peach Bellini and my friend had a  Classic vodka Martini. My first thought was that the cocktail was really nice but there are a bit pricey (£13.50).
Strawberry and Peach Bellini and Classic Vodka Martini

As soon as we arrived at our table, our waiter Sergio brought the menu. It was very complicated to choose, everything sounded amazing on the menu. The waiter was very helpful to explain some of the dishes. After 10 minutes we finally ordered, it was such a big decision to make. 

The bread was served with beurre d'Isigny arrived, it was served slightly warm. I always think you should judge a restaurant by its bread...that is probably my French expectations. 
Bread served with beurre d'Isigny

When I asked the waiter what was lobster Pelmeni on the menu, he told me it is one of their Russian signature starters. He convinced me when he described the dish as lobster Russian dumplings with a broth. The dish was amazing, lobster dumplings were a delight, they melted in the mouth, like the salmon roe. The lobster broth was perfect to dip the dumplings to get the perfect mouthful. 
Lobster Pelmeni served with salmon roe

My friend ordered the Cornish fish soup, I am not a big fan of fish soup generally but I tried some and it was great. Maybe next time I will have a go and order a whole bowl for myself. I really liked the fritters served with the soup. The ball shaped one reminded me of the taste of pommes noisettes but a bit cheesy. This took me back to when I was a child and enjoyed pommes noisettes at home.
Cornish Fish Soup with seabass, lobster and mussels served with cheese fritters

I really liked what they called their oysters dishes - named after presidents. My friend went for the French version : Mitterand. Oysters came slightly warm with grilled parsley and garlic butter on top. 
I didn't try but my friend really enjoyed his oysters. 
Grilled oysters Mitterand with parsley and garlic butter

The best dish of the night was my main course: a fillet mignon Rossini. The meat was perfectly cooked, pink and tender. The foie gras added a nice and richness touch to the dish. As a French Southwestern girl I always think that nothing can go wrong with foie gras! The truffle gravy was the cherry on the cake of this dish. I had the whole pot of gravy, so good.
Fillet Mignon Rossini, 28  day aged Scotch beef with seared foie gras, confit apple served with truffle gravy

As a side to compliment both of our main courses we had French fries and Sautéed spinach. Fries were  as I liked them: skinny and crisp. Sautéed spinach was good but nothing special.
French fries and Sautéed spinach

My friend ordered the Mariner's fish pie, it was such a piece of art when the dish arrived. The puff pastry was nicely decorated. Apparently my friend told me the chicken pie has a different design but is also fantastic.  I was impressed by the puff pastry which was so thin. 
Mariner's Fish Pie made with smoked haddock, prawns, mussels and salmon served with puff pastry crust.

My friend and I were unfortunately too full to order desserts. But I noticed on a table next to us had an amazing dessert: BBR signature Chocolate glory, this is on my to do list for my next visit.
In the middle of the room they occasionally host shows. Our waiter explained to us that nobody apart from the manager knows when there will be a show on. The owners like to surprise clients and waiters. Unfortunately at the moment we left, a show started.
Overall Bob Bob Ricard was just amazing, I still have stars in my eyes. Service was just perfect, Sergio was very attentive and we didn't need to remind him anything. Food was so delicious, it was like being in heaven. Some dishes are a bit pricey but they are worth it. 
It was my first visit at Bob Bob Ricard and surely not the last one. 
The Club room decoration was really nice and luxurious. Next time I will try to get a table in the restaurant instead of the Club Room as I heard the decoration is even better and blue (I prefer blue than red!)


Bob Bob Ricard
1 Upper James St
London W1F 9DF
Twitter: @BobBobRicard
Bob Bob Ricard on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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