Bone Daddies has recently opened a new branch in Old Street. 
I went for dinner with my boyfriend as we are both huge fans of their ramen. We went during their soft opening where the food was 50% (this offer ends on the 30th of June, so you rather be quick!)

This new addition in the Bone Daddies' family includes some exclusive new dishes such as the crispy duck aburamen and 7 differents kushikatsu.

I was not very familiar with the kushikatsu, but I found out that it is a Japanese dish which consist of deep-fried skewered meat, seafood and vegetables. 
Nothing to do with a fatty fish & chips deep-fried batter...the kushiskatsu are made with egg, flour and panko.

They are usually served with a sauce pot which is shared among customers...in Old Street there was no sauce pot sharing, you got your own and there is a selection of different sauces.

My boyfriend and I shared three different kushikatsu, the Iberico & roast onion and the Scallop, sweet potato & shiso which will really enjoyed. However the Padrons, bacon and cheddar were a bit disappointing as they contained a lot of bacon fat and were very chewy. ( I will recommend you to avoid this last one if you go to Bone Daddies on a date as you won't look very glamorous trying to eat it!)

The ramen were perfect as usual. I went out of my confident zone for once and ordered the Curry ramen instead of the Tonkotsu and added an extra egg. My boyfriend went for the sure comfort food value: the Tonkotsu. Both broths were perfectly executed and rich in flavour. 

Bone Daddies has nothing to improve! (apart maybe there locations...Brixton, Oval next? ) 

Their ramen completely rocks and are sure trustful value which justify the travel across London. Will I travel to East London for more kushikatsu?...Yes for sure! 


Three prizes cocktail & Frozen Yuzu Margarita
Patrons, bacon & cheddar kushikatsu
Kushikatsu: Iberico & roast onion - Scallops, sweet potato & shiso 
Curry ramen, fried chicken, padrons peppers, cabbage and chicken bone broth with an extra egg
Tonkotsu ramen, chashu pork, spring onion, 20 hour pork bone broth
Bone Daddies - Old street
Unit C- 211 Old St
London EC1V 9NV
Twitter: @BoneDaddies
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A few weeks ago I went in New York for the first time. I spent 5 amazing days there and ended up walking 72km around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg. Before my trip I made a list of some places and restaurants I wanted to try. Joe’s Pizza was one of them.

Opened in 1975, Joe’s Pizza became an institution in Greenwich village by specialising in authentic New York style pizza and now has three different branches across New York. It's also featured in some movies and counts some celebrities as their loyal customers. 

While we were walking down Bleecker street, we tried to go to their Carmine Street’s branch which is their ‘flagship' but it was too busy so instead we went on a different day to Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. 
The service was pretty efficient, when you get to the counter you only need to tell them which slice you want and they call your name when your slice is ready.

My boyfriend and I tried a lot of different slices, we ordered the white, the fresh mozzarella, the pepperoni and the any topping’s special.
We both added some extra grated parmesan and oregano on each of our slices. My boyfriend’s favourite was the any topping’s special, mine was the white slice.

What I liked about Joe’s pizza slice was the quality of the crust. It was stretchy and chewy at the same time, which made it easy to fold without being to floppy. The tomato sauce was great and each slice had the right amount of cheese. 

It was a really good value meal. The slices at Joe’s Pizza are priced from $2.75 to $3.50 (equivalent to £1.88 to 2.39). It is a huge bargain if you consider the fact in London, places like Voodoo’s Ray, NY Fold or Paradise slice sell NY Style pizza at twice the price (between £3.50 to £4 for a slice).  
I won’t say Joe’s Pizza is the best pizzeria in New York because I tried only one other pizzeria in the lower East side when I was there so I can’t really judge. However if you love pizza, Joe’s pizza should be on your to do list if you are in New York, and it tasted better than the ones I had so far in London. 

 'Any topping' slice
 The White slice
 Pepperoni slice
 The white slice & The Fresh mozzarella slice
Joe's Pizza
216 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11249
Twitter: @joespizzanyc
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Recently I went to the new residency in Leicester House of Le Bun UK with some friends.

Le Bun team turned Leicester House into a temporary diner for a few weeks until the 22nd of May. Le Bun offers a selection of American burgers based on some French classic recipes and ingredients. Everything on the menu sounded great and tasty: "pigeon & foie gras", "truffle Mayo", "Bourguignon glaze"... I'm stopping the list as I am starting to drool right now !

Two of us ordered the truffle cheeseburger, one of us had the duck bun and the last one challenged himself with the truffle double double with extra "bacon salt".
When the food arrived we were told they had sold out of bacon salt so my friend had a huge slice of bacon in the burger instead which made the whole burger look gigantic.
On the side we had two fries with signature truffle Mayo and a few cocktails.

The cocktail's names and what seemed to be their origin were quite interesting. My New Yorker friend and I went for the Super Skinny Bitch cocktail which she never heard of before despite the fact it mentioned New York next to it. Our other friends had a few lagers and a Drive Thru Bubblegum Daiquiri. The Cocktails were all great and not too pricey.

Back to the food, the truffle cheeseburger was just amazingly faultless. The juicy meat was perfectly cooked with a generous slice of melted cheese and huge amount of truffle Mayo. My friend and I regretted we didn't order the truffle double double like our friend because to be honest even if it was surely full of fatty meat, cheese and bun, it was actually light in taste and very easy to eat...maybe to quick to eat too!
The fries were simple but good but the portion was a bit small. Again what made the difference was the succulent truffle mayonnaise, we did requested some extra for the table.

The duck bun was in my opinion great too with a slightly juicy pulled confit duck. My boyfriend who ordered it thought it was less good than a Frenchie's confit duck burger.

We ended our meal with their delicious tarte satin.
Their residency ends this weekend on the 22nd of May so I would highly recommend you go and try their delicious burger otherwise you will have to wait for their next pop up.

Le Truffle cheeseburger (New York) - aged rare breed patty, truffle mayo, American cheese, brioche 
French fries 
Le Truffle double double (California) - Double patty, Double cheese, Double Truffle, two aged rarebreed patties, truffled veal jam, truffle mayo, American cheese, brioche 
 Le Duck frite bun (Les Landes) - Pulled confit duck, straw frites, Bearnaise, Champagne slaw, brioche
 Super Skinny Bitch cocktails (New York)
Drive Thru Bubblegum Daiquiri (Lafayette)
Apple tart tatin
Le Bun UK
1 Leicester Street 
WC2H 7BL London 
Twitter: @LeBunUK
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Recently I went to dine at the Grade-II listed dining room of The Quality Chop house in Clerkenwell. I am a huge fan of their shop next door which sells top quality food, especially the meat. I never had the chance to go for dinner at The Quality Chop House before as it was always packed every time I walked past.

To not miss the chance this time I decided to book a table, as we were 5 people we got one of the booth tables. I really liked the decoration of the whole room with black and white tiles on the floor, wood furniture, old long narrow tables and bench which makes the atmosphere quite cosy. They also had some small and discreet details of decoration such as mirrors & flowers. 

While I decided to kick off this dinner with a fresh Scottish langoustine, two of my friends had some pork & pistachio terrine served with some Pommery mustard and two lucky people managed to get the two last plates available of morcilla. 
All starters were great. I liked the freshness of the langoustines and the mayonnaise was perfect. The terrine tasted light and the mustard gave a kick of heat. The morcilla was tasty and earthy  and went very well with the duck egg.

For mains, two of us had their traditional Galloway mince, the dish was rich and very juicy. The mince came with some bread and watercress and was delicious as it sopped-up all the great flavour from the dish.
The rest of us ordered the duck dish. It was the best piece of duck breast I ever had in terms of quality, cooking and taste.This breast was ridiculously perfectly cooked: pink and juicy. It was served with salsify, morels and Madeira.

To compliment our mains we had some confit potatoes as I heard so much about it that I demanded that my friends order it. It was for sure the second highlight of my meal just after the duck. Their confit potatoes are one of their signature dishes and if you try them you will surely know why it's a 'must try' dish.
The wine list at The Quality Chop House added an extra level to our meal thanks to the great selection they have. 

Overall, my friends and I had a great evening at The Quality Chop House. This restaurant is my idea of the ideal place to spend an evening with friends (or maybe a romantic dinner on a different occasion). I loved the fact there is nothing extravagant in this place, the decoration is old and traditional, the service was faultless and our waitress was very friendly and not intrusive.  
I will definitely come back to The Quality Chop House, I hope they will have some of this delicious duck again next time. 

Scottish langoustine, mayonnaise
Pork & pistachio terrine, Pommery mustard
Morcilla, duck egg, brown butter
Duck, salsify, morels, Madeira
 Galloway mince, dripping toast, watercress
Confit potatoes

The Quality Chop House 
88-94 Farringdon road
London EC1R 3EA 
Twitter: @Qualitychop
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The last two months I've spent most of my weekends away from London and hence the same time away from my blog and my laptop! I spent some time in my hometown in France: Toulouse, a weekend in Paris with my friends to celebrate my birthday around a Provencale dinner at Chez Janou and some days in Lisbon and Sintra in Portugal.
My boyfriend and I spent four days in Portugal walking around everywhere, trying out some great places but also one of the worst places ever.... 

On our first day we walked around Alfama, Baixa and Barrio Alto. Lisbon is such a beautiful city, I fell in love with the architecture of this town with all the azulejos (painted tin-glazed ceramic tile work).
We ended our day with a dinner in the area we were staying : Alfama. We walked past a cute little restaurant which seemed to be a traditional Portuguese places: Taberna A Baiuca.
We were seated on a very narrow table just right next to some other people despite the fact there was three empty tables around, my boyfriend and I thought this was a bit weird and impersonal. Without ordering anything we were offered some chorizo, olives, beans salad and some sheep's milk cheese. The waitress dropped everything on our table without saying any words, we didn't have time to stop her to order some drinks.

Once we managed to catch her attention we discovered this was not on the house and each little plate was price 9 euros. we only had the olives and the very fatty tasteless chorizo. She tried to sell us a bottle of Porto while she was starting to open it without our agreement at the same time. We managed after 15 minutes to negotiate with our waitress what we really wanted and not what she wanted to gave us and we placed our order. I was very annoyed by the attitude of this waitress, which happened to be the owner of the restaurant at the same time.
And then the nightmare started...we were in a traditional Portuguese place which had Fado music, from the moment we ordered our mains  (19 euros each) and finally had the mains in front of us we listened to one hour of horrible Fado music where we were not allowed to speak or stand up. I am usually the first person to enjoy discovering new culture and traditional things but these singers were just terrible and we were starving.

The food arrived and looked horrendous. I know we should not judge a book by its cover but in this case...the food tasted terrible too. I had the octopus dish and my boyfriend had the bacalhau. My dish was cold and served with uncooked fries. I am sure the octopus was not even fresh as after few bites I started feeling awful and sick. My neighbour on the next table, who didn't have their food still after an hour wait like us where not feeling confident about the food... they could tell by the look on my face!
As it was a mission to catch the attention of the waitress, my boyfriend stood up in the middle of the fado to pay at the counter. At this step he discovered there was a minimum charge to pay per person 25 euros. As they noticed I felt sick I think we were very lucky to only pay 51 euros for the two awful plates of food we didn't even touch, two beers each and a plate of olives.
This place is without any doubt the worst place I have even been: horrible music, pushy and annoying waitress, long waiting time, poor quality, overpriced and awful food. On the other side, this place is the best in one category - the best tourist trap ever.

0/10 - I was very tempted to rate this place with a negative figure.
A Baiuca
Rua de São Miguel, 20, Alfama
1100-544 Lisboa, Portugal
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We started one of our days in Bélem at the most famous and old pasteleria: Pastéis de BelémThe baking of the Pastéis de Belém started in 1837 in the buildings attached to the sugar cane refinery next to the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. Passed on and known exclusively to the master confectioners who hand-crafted the pastries in a secret room, the recipe of the past remained unchanged to the present day. 
It was so delicious to start the day with this exquisite sweet, slightly warm tart. The best advice I can give you if to enter by the door on the left side and find a place to sit within the seating area (300 seats available) behind the counter. Once you are seated, you can order take away pastéis too and you avoid the queue.
Pastéis de Belém
Rua de Belém 84 a 92
1300 - 085 Liboa, Portugal

After our delicious breakfast we walked around Belém and came back to Lisbon to have lunch. We went to the famous Mercado di Riberia. Since 2014, Time Out has turned this historical market into a foodie court with 35 kiosks of the city's favourite chefs and restaurants. 
We tried one of the country's most high-profile chefs stand: Henrique Sá Pessoa. Everything on the menu was very tempting, but I heard Henrique Sá Pessoa was the best place to get some pork dishes, so we ordered the crispy skin suckling pig sandwich with homemade pickles and the 24h confit suckling pig with sweet potato purée. We were not disappointed by any of our dishes. The pig was cooked perfectly. I really enjoyed the 24h confit, which was very moist and the crackling thin and crispy. The sweet potato purée was nice and smooth with a hint of orange which gave a bit of acidity to the dish. 
The only thing I didn't like about this market was the lack of space to sit down at rush hour. People were taking their seat before ordering their food, which was a issue when you had your food and couldn't find a seat to eat it.  
Crispy skin suckling pig sandwich with homemade pickle
24h confit suckling pig with sweet potato purée

Time out Mercado da Ribeira - Henrique Sa Pessoa
Avenida 24 de Julho, Cais de Sodré, Lisboa

One of the best meals we had in Lisbon was at Cervejaria Ramiro. Opened since 1956, this place is a seafood institution. We were recommended to go early if we wanted to avoid the queue. We went there at 7pm and we queued for 30 minutes, but the wait was totally worth it. 
We started our meal with toasted bread dripping in garlic butter given by our waiters and we ordered some pata negra, Manchebo cheese and shrimps in garlic sauce to start our meal. The pata negra ham was delicious but this was nothing compared to the shrimps in the garlic sauce. We requested more pieces of bread to dip in this amazing garlic sauce. 
As a main I had some giant tiger prawns and prawns. Again all dishes were fantastic, the prawns were cooked directly from the tank, the quality of their product was so good I could have eaten prawns all night! With our meal we had a bottle of Alvarinho Solar de Serrade which went perfectly with our food. 
This is definitely a place I will go back in Lisbon as I am a fan of seafood but I am always scared of ordering some in London as you can never guarantee the freshness of the products. 
When we left the restaurant there was a massive queue (probably 2 hour wait), so don't be scared to have an early-bird dinner for once if it means you will avoid to queue. 

 Pata negra
Manchego cheese
 Shrimps in garlic sauce
Giant tigers prawns with butter sauce

Cervejaria Ramiro
Avenida Almirante Reis, 
1H, Mouraria, Lisboa