Blackfoot EC1 opened last December in Exmouth Market, it specialises in pork dishes. 
Since they opened, I have been twice, first time was few months ago for a dinner when they opened, and the second time was last Sunday for their new brunch offer.
The restaurant is divided in two small rooms, one at the front with the bar and tiles on the wall and the other room at the back with old advertising posters. The decoration is minimalist and I like it.

For starters we shared with my friend Trevelez jamon and whipped lardo on sourdough toast. Trevelez jamon was very good but nothing compare to the whipped lardo on toast. This dish was fantastic, probably very caloric but well we only got one life ! I remember I added slice of Jamon on the whipped lardo toast, it was a good combination too.

Trevelez jamon. Spanish. Cured for 24 months
Whipped lardo on sourdough toast

My friend as a ribs lover ordered the Ribs love me tender served with coleslaw and I ordered the porchetta with a dise of french fries to share.
Ribs were perfectly cooked and covered of barbecue sauce. The meat was soft and tasty, it was very easy to take off the bone. 
Porchetta was serve with lentils and salsa verde. This dish was delicious, pork wasn't dry, crackling was perfect and crunchy. I enjoyed everything, but I thought it would have been nice to have more lentils and less salsa verde. 
Ribs love me tender. A rack just the way Elvis would have wanted — Southern BBQ-style. Served with coleslaw
Porchetta . Rolled and roasted pork middle (loin & belly), stuffed with fennel pollen, rosemary, thyme and sage with lentils and salsa verde.

Last week I discovered on Twitter Blackfoot launched a new menu: Brunch menu, it is available every Saturday and Sunday since last weekend. 
My friend and I went there last Sunday for a brunch, we ordered the Pig lovin' breakfast and the pork and black pudding hash. We shared half of an avocado and drunk one cappuccino each. 
Cappuccino didn't have any special drawing on the foam on top, but it was great coffee, so for me it is what matters the most.
 Pig lovin' breakfast - Back bacon, two poached eggs, sausage, grilled tomato, black pudding and whipped lardo on toast

Pig lovin' breakfast was  like a traditional English breakfast without beans, instead it came with two toast of divine whipped lardo. The best of both dishes was the one I had... Pork & Black pudding hash. It was just fantastic, the texture of the potato cake was great, good balance betwwen potato, hunks of pork and black pudding. The light gravy was delicious, it reminds me the onion gravy from Barrafina tortilla I had recently.
 Pork & Black pudding hash -Potato cake with hunks of pork and black pudding, fried egg and light gravy
Half avocado
Avocado was an normal avocado, but I though it had a bit of freshness to my meal.
When I looked at the menu, I saw two other dishes which I will have to try pretty soon as they sounds amazing: Sobrasada soldiers & eggs and Arnold Bennett & his pig. 
My first visit at Blackfoot was nice, service was efficient and friendly. I wasn't surprise since my dinner to heard such great things about Blackfoot. 
My second visit was great too even better than the first time, food is simple but well executed and tasty. Prices are totally affordable and the team is very friendly. What else could you want from your local restaurant! 

Blackfoot EC1
46 Exmouth Market
London EC1 4QE

Twitter: @BlackfootEC1

Blackfoot Pork Restaurant on UrbanspoonSquare Meal

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