During the last bank holiday I spent 3 days away from London in North Yorkshire near the sea side. It was three perfect peaceful day apart from a broken phone and a car breakdown at the end. I visited three different villages and restaurants : The Magpie Café in Whitby, Tea Rooms in Ravenscar and The Wayfarer in Robin Hood's Bay (Reviews below).
My friend and I slept in a nice Bed & Breakfast Thorpe Hall in the village of Flyingthorpe. The house was built in 1680 by the Fawside family, the family legacy is still alive in some of the rooms of the house. Owners were very nice and welcoming and did a nice breakfast every morning which featured nice home-made jam. This place is ideal if you don't really want to use a car, it is few minutes walk away from Robin Hood's Bay and a few other villages on an old railway line.

English breakfast (I requested without tomato beans), toast with butter and home-made plum jam
While you were all enjoying probably a nice piece of lamb for Easter served with vegetables and mint sauce, I became friend with three sheep in Thorpe Hall, which is probably the reason why I didn't eat lamb this year, instead I only had fish.  

Our first excursion was in the seaside, port town of Whitby. It was such a lovely town, I was impressed by the fact there was a queue nearly outside every restaurants that served Fish & Chips and the town itself smells Fish & Chips apart for the top part on the hill near Whitby Abbey. Of course the longest queue was where my friend wanted to go: The Magpie Café, but he told me it was the one of the best Fish & Chips in the UK. We waited 40 minutes which wasn't that bad as it was pretty warm and sunny outside. I'm not sure I will have queue that much under the rain. 
The menu is mainly fish dishes (fried or grilled) but they also have vegetarian options, I laughed when I saw this option as it reminds me of Chris Pople tweet from the 16th April (see below), but well I guess restaurants especially in small town had to please everyone.
However my friend and I are not vegetarian so we both ordered a regular cod and chips each and we shared a side of mushy peas as the waiters told us the regular portion of fish was massive.
The waitress didn't lie, the fish was very big, the batter was light, crispy and not greasy, and the fish inside was...WOW... white and flakey. It was by far the best fish and chips I had in my life, nothing compare to all the fish and chips I had in London, Brighton or Eastbourne. Fries and mushy peas were perfect too. Both plates were empty at the end. 
While we were eating, one of the table next to us became available, my friend and I were both impressed by the rapidity of the service, in less than 30 seconds three waiters had emptied and re-laid the table for new customers, by reading that you might think they pushed us out very quickly after the meal... but in reality it was totally the opposite, you didn't feel they were in the rush, they let you enjoy your meal and even digest at your table.    

Cod and chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce

Magpie's Cafe
14 Pier Rd
Whitby YO21 3PU
Twitter: @Themagpiecafe
Magpie on UrbanspoonSquare Meal

The second excursion was in a weird village...Ravenscar, the town that never was. Around the 19th–20th century, plans were made to turn the village into a holiday resort. Roads were laid out, some houses were built and sewers were laid. Ravenscar never achieved popularity and the development was left unfinished mainly due to the long trek to reach the rocky beach. The railway was closed also in 1965 so now the place look a bit deserted near the old railway station, apart from a little Tea Room
Hot Chocolate and Victoria sponge cake

This place was totally old fashioned, plastic tablecloths on table & old frames on the wall, it was also miles away from everything...but guess what? It was packed. We had to wait to get a table as this place is a pitstop for walking and cycling enthusiasts who goes along the old railway. 
I loved that place, it was old school, people who worked there were all nice and authentic, such a massive difference with some of pretentious afternoon place in London.
I had a Victoria sponge cake which was home-made, delicious and big with a hot chocolate with whipped cream. I feel a bit sad now we didn't took the Afternoon tea for £9.95 each including a hot drink, sandwich, buttered scones and a piece of cake. 

Ravenscar Tea Rooms
1 Station Square
 Ravenscar YO13 0LU
Ravenscar Tea Rooms on Urbanspoon

Our last excursion was in the small village Robin Hood's Bay which was only 10 minutes walk from our bed and breakfast. 
We had dinner at The Wayfarer, a small bistro situated on the main road on the top of the hill. The restaurant  menu was quite classic and had most of the basic dishes. The most interesting thing was the specials on the board which changed daily depending on fish arrival.
From our table we could see the kitchen, we noticed the team was only three girl chefs, despite the rush because the restaurant was packed, they worked in a quiet kitchen, they were all focused on their dishes.
My friend ordered the halibut and cod special fishcake served with a garlic mayonnaise as a starter and I had the black pudding. Both starters were nice, tasty and despite the way it looks, it was quite light to eat. It looked like a de-constructed black pudding scotched egg, it goes very well with the caramelised onion chutney.
Halibut & Cod fishcake, garlic mayonnaise
Black pudding with an ham hock potato cake, crisp crumbed poached egg, caramelised onion chutney
As a main we both ordered from the specials on the board, my friend had Whitby scampi served with salad, coleslaw and fries, and I had Monkfish wrapped in parma ham with chorizo, welsh rarebit and spicy harissa served with vegetables and fries. Both dishes were fantastic and you could taste how fresh the seafood was. The batter around the scampi was perfectly crispy. My dish was delicious,I really liked the different texture of this dish, the monkfish was flakey inside, parma ham, chorizo and Welsh rarebit was crispy around and the spicy harissa sauce and mixed herbs was very tasty, full of flavours it really gave another dimension to the dish. 
Whitby Scampi, salad, coleslaw and fries
Monkfish wrapped in parma ham with chorizo, welsh rarebit and spicy harissa
Robin Hood's Bay isn't the place to go as a foodie, as there is not many restaurants around here...Most of them are part of a bed & breakfast or a pub. I think we found a good place to enjoy a great dinner with well executed tasty dishes made with very good and fresh products. 

The Wayfarer
Station Road
Robin Hood's Bay YO22 4RL
The Wayfarer on Urbanspoon


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