Recently I spent some time in Putney, my friend introduced me to a little restaurant on Lower Richmond Road : Hudson'sThey served international dishes. My friends booked a table for 4 people on a Tuesday night. I discovered when we arrived there, they have a special offer every Monday & Tuesday, 2 courses for £12.95. I have to say I had a little bit of doubt regarding the quality of food we will get. But I looked around me, the restaurant was packed, so I though that couldn't be a bad thing.
The atmosphere was nice and in an another way quite romantic with candle light. 
For starters, we ordered two deep fried calamari and two deep fried camembert. We were very lucky as it was the two last deep fried camembert dishes available on that night. It wasn't a surprise this dish sold out, it was delicious, camembert inside was melted, the breadcrumbs around were perfectly cooked,crispy and not too greasy.  
I tried one of the deep fried calamari, there were good too, they were different than the one I used to eat in France "Calamar a la romaine", they were much better.
 Calamari, simply deep fried served with tartare sauce, salsa and lemon wedges
Deep fried camembert served with cranberry sauce & mango chutney

For main course, two of us took vegetarian dishes, one dish was slouvaklia, marinated haloumi kebabs served with greek salad, warm pitta bread, tsatziki & hot chili sauce, and the other dish was a vegetarian Moroccan tagine. 
Slouvaklia, marinated haloumi kebabs
Moroccan tagine, tomatoes, chickpeas, mint, lemon, couscous, vegetarian

Some dishes on the menu came with two sides, they have a lots of different choices. 
My friend ordered a slow roast duck leg with black cherry sauce with two sides dishes : apple braised red cabbage and french fries. I had the chance to try a little bit of this dish, it was delicious.  
 Slow roast duck leg with black cherry sauce

I ordered a Dublin chicken, this dish came with two sides too, I had red wine lentils and french fries. I was a bit scared when my main course arrived on the table with sides. Sides were impressive, it was such a massive amount of food. At the end I couldn't finish everything, it was a bit too much. My chicken was good, perfectly cooked, mushroom too, the dish wasn't watery or dry, like I thought it would have been for the price. I really enjoyed the cheese sauce served with it, it was a bonus. 
Dublin chicken: chicken breast, stuffed with mushrooms & herbs, wrapped in bacon topped with a cheese sauce.  

At the end of the meal, we didn't have any dessert, not because it would have cost more, but because we couldn't eat any more food. The 2 course dinner offer was a lot more better than I expected. 
Overall my experience in Putney was a complete success, great food for very good value. I understood at the end of the meal why this place is packed on Tuesday night (and apparently it is the same on Monday too). I really liked the atmosphere there, it was very charming. I recommend booking a table before trying to go to Hudson's on a Monday or Tuesday night, as you might not get a table if you just pop in. 

113 Lower Richmond Road
London SW15 1EX
Twitter: @HudsonsSW15
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