Few months ago, the old site of Morgan M became the Italian restaurant, Apulia. Since they opened, I have been twice. 
The atmosphere and decoration is very nice with a Mediterranean freshness and  a touch of vintage feel with the grocers bicycle and recycled bottles as a light.  
First time I visited Apulia, I had pizzas with a friend, both pizza where very nice. I like the fact on their menu they serve original pizza with ingredients you won't find in every pizzeria. I remember they also have special pizza everyday on a board. Prices for a large pizza are between £8 for the classic Margherita to £14 for the most expensive like the Sammichele. 
Margherita tomato,mozzarella,basil,extravirgin olive oil
Sammichele (white pizza) mozzarella,porcini,red onion,walnuts 

The second time I went to Apulia, I had dinner with my neighbours, we all ordered Brasciole Della Nonna Con Orechiette (£10), apart for one of us who ordered Zampone Con Lenticchie (£8).

We were all agree to say that Brasciole Della Nonna Con Orechiette was delicious, tender veal rolls were wonderful, the whole dish has a lot of flavours. The only problem was the quantity, the plate was a bit small, you would expect a bit more for £10 and especially for a main course.
Brasciole Della Nonna Con Orecchiette Tender veal rolls cooked very slowly in a tomato sauce stuffed with bacon, parmesan cheese, pepper, garlic, parsley and served with fresh pasta and pecorino

My friend with Zampone Con Lenticchie was more lucky, she paid less for her main but she had a bigger plate. I tried a little bit of her plate, I enjoyed the combination of pork sausage with lentils, but as a Southern French girl I can't find the word to describe the difference but it didn't taste like usual (sausage of Toulouse and Puy lentils ). This dish was interesting as it brings a new flavour to pork & lentils.
Zampone Con Lenticchie Slow cooked lentils, fennel and fresh zampone pork sausage
I really liked the decoration of Apulia, the food was nice & original, but not exceptional. However I think it is nice to see something new to the Italian restaurant scene of London, as dishes are not like all the classic Italian dish you can get in other restaurants. I really like the fact for me this restaurant is very convenient for a last minute plan as it is local. Only disappointing point is that maybe price are a bit too expensive for the quantity you have sometimes on your plate. 
I haven't yet had the chance to try their lunch offer for £10, 2 courses. 


Apulia Restaurant
50 Long Lane
London EC1A 9EJ
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